About OneChain

Why we started

OneChain was founded in 2009 in order to provide the necessary software and consulting services to bridge the gap between the performance potential and the actual performance of production and supply chains. OneChain is a unique expert player in enterprise software.

We enable business applications for advanced production and retail planning and control. What makes us unique is our use of constraint management principles, methods and tools with a comprehensive, Cloud-based and scalable enterprise software architecture.

OneChain strives to enable a seamless integration of suppliers, manufacturers and customers to bring segmented supply chains together for the advancement of all parties involved and manage them as “one chain.”

In OneChain a team of gifted, professional and experienced people from three different continents work together and strive to enable first class supply chain performance for customers all over Europe.

OneChain delivers real world results

What we do to make a real difference in company performance

The OneChain Platform for Production Planning and Control and for Retail Planning and Control enables businesses to:

• Improve inventory and delivery performance
• Heighten availability and productivity
• Empower supply chains to act, respond, resolve and improve
• Share a consolidated customer perspective
• Ensure seamless collaboration and integration within internal and external supply chains
• Align activity goals with management objectives
• Integrate customers, suppliers and partners with secure and easy-to-use portal services
• Provide closed-loop feedback processes for partners and vendors

Leadership team

Jens-Peter Barnewitz

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Jens-Peter Barnewitz

Jens-Peter Barnewitz is a summa cum laude Ibero-American Sciences graduate and TOC ICO certified expert for production and supply chain logistics with 14 years experience in leadership positions. He worked with Cisco Systems, Johnson Controls und Tenovis before co-founding OneChain in 2009.

Specialisms include telecommunications, automotive supply, home and building control and retail, as well as increasing the value of portfolio companies for private equity clients. Barnewitz is also a specialist for sustainable sales- and profit improvement programs.

Thomas Hummel

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Thomas Hummel

Thomas Hummel studied Industrial Engineering and Management at Berlin’s Technische Universität, graduating summa cum laude in 1996. A year later, he met founder of the Theory of Constraints (TOC), Dr Goldratt, and began contributing to the development and implementation of innovative TOC-based supply chain systems, eventually becoming the first German TOC ICO certified TOC expert for all TOC applications and founding partner of the Goldratt Implementation Group Europe.

Furthering his work in the TOC field, Hummel expanded the internal supply chains at concerns such as FESTO AG and Honeywell ECC EMEA. His specialist fields include automation technology, retail, medical devices, aerospace and process industries. He co-founded OneChain with Jens-Peter Barnewitz in 2009.

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