Supply chain consulting with OneChain

What OneChain makes possible

OneChain helps its customers in retail and manufacturing to achieve outstanding logistical performance and use it as a competitive advantage. We design and implement high performance supply chain set-ups, structures and procedures.

OneChain trains its customers’ employees in system thinking, enabling them to unleash the full potential of their supply chain. We provide the vital tools for production planning and control, purchasing and supply chain management. This is conveniently provided online in the Cloud.

What OneChain stands for

At OneChain, we believe there does not need to be a conflict between sustainability and productivity. We believe It’s possible to raise productivity through lower inventories, higher availability and better reliability.

We believe the tools provided by most ERP and MRP software vendors are insufficient to sustainably attain a high supply chain performance. We believe maximum performance is only possible through confidently managing systems as one complete entity.

What OneChain does differently

OneChain doesn’t cut corners with quick fixes: we deliver firm systematic solutions. We don’t master complexity by designing complex procedures to fight it. We master complexity with one simple strategy: we identify the constraints a supply chain has and manage those constraints effectively.

We refuse to accept limitations, but realistically work around these obstacles with new technologies such as our Multi-Level-Replenishment. We guarantee results.

Our satisfied customers

Supply Chain Consulting Honeywell
Supply Chain Consulting Telefonica
Supply Chain Consulting HORECA
Supply Chain Consulting Daimler
Supply Chain Consulting Festo
Supply Chain Consulting Deutsche Telekom
Supply Chain Consulting Hamburger Rieger
Supply Chain Consulting Magna Powertrain
Supply Chain Consulting Sigvaris

“The OneChain solution has enabled us to reduce the inventories in our factories in EMEA on average by 29% and simultaneously increase our delivery performance by 5 percentage points.”

Gerry Flynn
Supply Chain Director
Honeywell ECC EMEA

Supply chain consulting tailored to your needs


Supply Chain Consulting Solutions

From supply chain performance checks, to strategy and tactics development, performance maximization programs and training, OneChain delivers unique solutions – guaranteed to work.

Supply Chain Management

supply chain management

We provide the tools, guidance and expertise to enable your teams to increase the productivity and profitability of your supply chain.

OC6 Software Suite


Cloud-based software for production control, planning, purchasing and supply chain management which works with all ERP and MRP Systems and enables superior results.

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Supply chain consulting from OneChain

Empowering our customers through supply chain consulting

You need to optimize your supply chain, but don’t know how? Engage with OneChain’s highly qualified supply chain consulting team to uncover new insights using a range of cutting-edge solutions.

To deliver a product from the manufacturer to the end customer, different processes must act as one. To respond to the needs of our customers without wasting resources, and to be able to produce cost-effectively, a viable value chain is needed, starting with the procurement of raw materials and finishing with their timely delivery.

The management of all these steps must be process-oriented to maximize the potential of the supply chain. The aim is to provide the end customer with the required product directly and to optimize purchasing and sales costs, without storing too large quantities, which would be financially and logistically inefficient while avoiding bottlenecks.

The basic concept of the value chain can be transferred to production and trading companies of various sizes. Continual review and optimization of these systems are essential for companies to work sustainably and successfully. Engaging external supply chain consulting teams is often the only way to audit the supply chain objectively.

OneChain has proven to reduce inventory by 30 to 50% while improving availability and halving production lead times – but how do we do it?

Both supply chain consulting and management are great ways to enhance each step of your supply chain by linking processes – this includes material procurement, data and information exchange, standard logistical processes, and marketing. This linking is key: the optimization of stand-alone processes is easy to implement; the challenge is bringing together individual processes and guaranteeing a smoothly functioning workflow along the supply chain.

For better process management and resource optimization, OneChain provides cloud-based applications so that no hardware or software is needed and maintenance and operation are simple and accessible.

Along the chain, not only are different departments involved, but different companies with different systems and methods of work. Keeping the overview, analyzing all elements and then communicating efficiently is crucial. Particularly when problems occur and bottlenecks arise, experts are needed to roll out processes quickly and promptly to correct inefficiencies. This is where supply chain consulting comes into play.

While many companies handle both supply chain consulting and management internally, often, it is economically advantageous to outsource the task to an external, experienced team highly specialized in supply chain consulting. An objective view of the processes can also provide additional insight. Being too involved in an individual process makes it impossible to maintain an impartial view of things.

The consultants of OneChain have years of experience in supply chain consulting and are experts at resolving issues caused by production, purchasing, supply chain management, and incorrect diagnostics daily.

OneChain provides supply chain management consulting to help you optimize your resources across the value chain. With OneChain, you can provide your consumers with the best products and services, while maximizing profits by ensuring the system always works perfectly and no resources are lost.

Since each company is unique, OneChain develops and implements personalized TOC-based solutions for purchasing, production, trade, and whole supply chains accompanied by advanced supply chain consulting to improve logistical performance.

With OneChain’s supply chain consulting, you can focus on performance, use resources more efficiently, and gain a competitive edge over your competition – plan smarter and find out how supply chain consulting can improve your business today.